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Fight Of The Soul    demo (1995)   (self-released)

1. Intro                    01:44  (listen here)

2. Forever                04:27  (listen here)

3. Fight of the Soul  03:54  (listen here)

4. Outro                   01:30  (listen here)

Total playing time 11:33





Shadow - guitar/vocals
kharu - bass
Gorgo - drums




Recognizing Ourselves  demo (1998)  (Unreleased)

1. The Forests Whisper My Name  05:16  (listen here)

2. From Unknown                          06:32  (listen here)

3. Icecold Hatered                         06:19  (listen here)

4. Way Of Death                            09:47  (listen here)

Total playing time                        27:54



Shadow - guitars/vocals

Akharu - Bass

Sándor Tamás - Drums



Scream Of The Soul    demo (2002)   Stygian Shadows Prodctions



This demo is what released later on the album Darksoul's Scream

1. Ancient Sign                                              03:18

2. An Image About an Infinitely Cold Soul    13:41

3. Frosty Screaming                                      11:03

4. Ashes                                                       12:03

Total playing time                                        40:05



Shadow - guitars/bass/Synth/Vocals




Shadowsoul    Full-lenght /CD/,    Regimental Records (2004)


1. Innerself           01:52

2. Dusk                 11:32

3. The Secret        10:06

4. Diewish            11:20

5. Eternal Pain     09:34

6. Vow                 11:10

Total playing time 55:34 



Shadow - guitars/bass/synth/vocals

Sándor Tamás - Drums


 The Darksoul's Scream    Full-lenght /CD/,    Wulfrune Wroxxx Records  (2005)


1.Ancient Sign03:20 
3.An Image About An Infinitely Cold Soul12:36 
4.Frosty Screaming11:07 
Total playing time49:01



Shadow - guitars/bass/synth/vocals

Sándor Tamás - Drums





Carpathian Darkness   Full-lenght /CD/Regimental Records   (2005)


1.Power of Revenge05:56 
3.Carpathian Darkness08:40 
4.Black Gate09:20 
5.Enter the Realm of Death08:40 
6.Follow the Call07:05 
Total playing time44:55



Shadow - guitars/bass/vocals

Sándor Tamás - drums




Deathgate   Full-length /CD/, Northern Silence Productions  July 14th, 2006


Available as normal version in jewel case and as special edition in digipack,
ltd to 100 handnumbered copies! The special edition is only available from
Northern Silence.
1.Entering the Gate01:51 
2.Dead is the Black Metal10:22 
3.Carpathian's Legend...09:40 
4.Transylvania's Coldest Breeze07:34 
5.Dark Hunger09:13 
6.In the Fire08:00 
Total playing time46:40


 Shadow - guitars/bass/vocals

 Gelal - Drums


Beginning....   Best of/Compilation /MC/, Wolfrune Worxx   2006


The tape contains the "Fight of the Soul" demo and the previously unreleased
"Recognizing Ourselves" material.
3.Fight of the Soul  
5.The Forests Whisper My Name  
6.From Unknown  
7.Icecold Hatered  
8.Way of Death



 Pray for Death   Full-length /CD/, Northern Silence    May 4th, 2007



Available as normal version in jewel case and as special edition
in metal case incl. logo patch, ltd to 100 handnumbered copies!
2.Örök Álmok18:42 
3.Csak Egy Árny09:47 (listen here)
4.Ima07:12(listen here)
5.Átérezni A Halált10:51 
6.Sötétség02:59(listen here)
Total playing time51:08

Line up:

Shadow - guitars/bass/vocals

 Gelal - drums


Örök Halálban "In Eternal Death"    Full-length /CD/, Possession productions March 3rd, 2009



1.Egy Megszakadt Holt Lélek17:25 
2.Örök Halálban07:44(listen here)
3.A Pokol Kapuja 14:44 (listen here)
Total playing time39:13



Shadow - guitars/bass/synth/vocals

Gelal - drums



 Book Of Satan  Full-lenght /CD/ 2011 Satanic Propaganda Productions



1. To Call Him and To Reach Him 02:59 (listen here)

2. His Might 05:08

3. His Voice 07:25

4. He is the Aim 06:53 (listen here)

5. To Follow Him Through All Times 06:19

6. His Ancient Damnation 06:57 (listen here)

Total playing time: 35:43

 Shadow - vocals, all instruments


Satan's Laws  Full.lenght /CD/2016 Possession Productions


 1. I Inwoke The Dark Powers   01:08

 2. To Follow Him Through All Times   07:01

 3. His Ancient Damnation   07:20

 4. Just a Shadow   08:53

 5. Moti Ragnarokum (Burzum cover)   06:54

 6. Whisper From The Abyss   06:12